Mardi Gras

The NFOL Mardi Gras Parade Competition is a fun event and we hope all members will participate either by joining in or by encouraging the participants from the side lines.  It is a family event and as such we do not allow inappropriate and/or offensive material on display.


Competition Entries


Entries Categories

You may enter the Mardi Gras Competition as a Region, D.A./ Section, group of friends, or as an individual, in the following categories:


  1. Individual entries (if under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult – we ask all accompanying adults to be in costume)
  2. Family/group up to 10
  3. Group 11-20
  4. Group over 20


How to participate;


The entries are judged on 5 aspects:


Costumes:The costumes’ creativity, originality, colour and overall good taste Floats, Displays and Visual Effects:Imagination, effort, originality and quality of artistic work Movementand Music Delivery of the theme and how the Entry design supports the theme’s ideas Overall Impression: The strength of the idea as a whole and the development of this idea throughout each entry.


Judging will take place at several points along the route.  Each entry shall carry a coloured card indicating Entry Category 1, 2, 3 or 4 along with an entry number to enable the identification by the judges.


Final results will be announced shortly after the parade enters the Main Arena.  Please be prepared to wait in the Arena until the judges come to their decision and the prizes are presented.


Good luck, have fun and be safe! May the best entry win!