Lighting Up

Join In The Festival Of Lanterns

The first Club Feast of Lanterns was held in 1921 at Deep Dene, Dorking. Based on Chinese tradition, this was an end of camping season event in which members were encouraged to decorate their units with hand-made lanterns. It became the Club’s biggest annual event and, nowadays, is attended by thousands of members.

This beautiful traditional still stands today and is a big part of the weekends entertainment. Member’s from all over the country attend NFOL and enjoy decorating their units in colourful lights and lanterns to create an amazing illuminated display for everyone at the event to enjoy.  Everyone attending the event is encouraged to take part, either by decorating their own unit or just taking the time to enjoy the display.

This year’s event theme is ‘Down on the Farm’ and the illuminations will follow this theme. Club President Julia Bradbury will be at NFOL 2019 and is very much looking forward to judging the displays. There are some fantastic prizes available for people to win, including £1000 equipment voucher for large street scenes.

To take part in this year’s illuminations competition all you need to do is read through the rules below and then get creative….



The Competition is organised by the NFOL Organising Committee on behalf of The Camping and Caravanning Club.

The Competition is a family event and, as such, we do not allow inappropriate and/or offensive material on display.


NAKED FLAMES, for the purpose of illuminating decorated units and street scenes, are absolutely forbidden for safety reasons.  Units must not be joined by decorations or strings of lights and must be 6 metres apart at all times.



Judging takes place during the evening of the Competition.  The judges are under the supervision of the Club Chairman who will render the final decision in case of a tie or dispute.

A total of 100 points will be awarded to each entry on the following basis.

  1. A maximum of 40 points will be awarded for how enthusiastically you present it (20 points) and how you captivate the spectators’ attention (20 points)
  1. Up to 30 points available for how well the entry represents the NFOL theme?
  2. The remaining 30 points are broken down to give a maximum of 15 each for how good it all looks, effort and how much work you have to put into it.



  1. Entry forms should be handed in at Admin. Entry closes 12:00 noon on Saturday 21st  No further entries will be accepted after that time.
  2. You may enter the Illuminated Competition as a Region / DA / Section, group of friends / family, or as an individual.
  3. Entries may take the form of:
    1. A single lighted unit
    2. A small street consisting of two, three, four or five units lighting up together
    3. Six or more units lighting up as a large street
    4. Trade Stands
  4. Each entry will be given a clear form of identification, which they must display on the unit/street for a) the benefit of judges and b) for organisational purposes.
  5. Timing of the competition – Entries are expected to be lit by 7:30 pm.


Single Unit Entry

One unit decorated with lights and a display of the NFOL theme.  A Single Unit entry must be separate from any Street Scene entry and clearly identified.


Small Street Scene Entry

Two, three, four or five units lighting up together decorated with lights and a display of the NFOL theme, where spectators can view the display as they walk by. Please note all of involved units in the small illuminated street must be lit.


Large Street Scene Entry

Six or more units pitched together to form an illuminated street where spectators can view the display as they walk through.  Please note 75% of involved units in the large illuminated street must be lit. This way we hope that your efforts will be part of a spectacular display with a minimum of dark supporting units in the competition area.


Trade Entry

One unit decorated with lights and a display of the NFOL theme.



Prizes include

A prize will be awarded for the Large Street Scene plus winners trophy

A prize will be awarded for the Small Street Scene plus winner s trophy

A prize will be awarded for the Single Unit Entry plus winners trophy

Trade entry winners trophy


Prize winners will be notified and prizes awarded at the Closing Ceremony.

Prizes are non- transferable and there is no cash alternative.