Chairman’s Charity

This year we are supporting two Charities, both are closely associated with the Chairman of the NFOL 2017 Committee.


The “Association for Glycogen Storage Disease” is a small, specialised charity. We are supporting this because my grandson Mylo suffers from this condition. Mylo is known across the country due to his parents being the South Eastern Region Region Youth Liaison officers.

The Association for Glycogen Storage Disease (UK) Limited aims to provide support to persons affected by GSD & their families throughout the UK. Glucose is a major source of energy for the body. It is stored in the form of glycogen in both the liver and muscles and later released with the help of enzymes. Persons affected by GSD have an inherited defect in one of the enzymes responsible for forming or releasing glycogen as it is needed by the body during exercise and/or between meals.

GSD can affect the liver, the muscles (including those of the heart) or both. The Association for Glycogen Storage Disease (UK) object is “The relief of sickness, particularly of persons suffering from any form of Glycogen Storage Disease”. In more detail they:

  • Protect and promote the best interests of persons affected with GSD.
  • Act as a vehicle of communication on GSD related matters by publishing and distributing relevant material.
  • Contribute to the advancement of treatments and cures through sponsorship of research, studies and trials.
  • Act as a focus for educational, scientific and charitable activities related to GSD.
  • Liaise with other GSD associations around the world.

Mylo’s parents have got to know Allan Muir, the charity director through fund raising events, he was contacted and offered suggestions, with a ‘Day at the Races’ theme, to the fund raising event for this meet.  – Details to be included soon….

Golden Lion Children’s Trust

The Golden Lion Children’s Trust is a Gatwick based charity founded in 1973 by British Caledonian Airways employees and others who worked at, or were connected with, Gatwick Airport. This small charity supports approximately 3000 children with special needs and underprivileged young people per year from Sussex plus parts of Kent and Surrey in approximately fifty projects. It is completely self-financing, independent of any regular corporate sponsorship, but often benefiting from the generosity and support of local companies, local organisations and local people. Trustees work from their homes, and the charity does have two storage facilities.

The first event run by the founders of the charity was a day trip for special needs children and their helpers from Ingfield Manor School, Five Oaks to Jersey. None had ever flown before.

Since that trip, many thousands of children have enjoyed a day out with the Golden Lion Children’s Trust. Airlines, mainly operating from Gatwick, have enabled the charity to take children to: Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Cardiff, Cologne, Glasgow, Jersey, Le Touquet, Newcastle, Ostend, Paris, Prestwick, and Rovaneimi, Lapland.

In addition, the charity has arranged holidays for children to Majorca; Legoland Denmark; Banjul, Gambia; San Antonio, Texas; Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles and Florida, as well as holidays on the south coast for children with speech & learning difficulties.

Support given to special schools, homes and hospitals over the years has varied from donating sophisticated medical equipment for hospital special baby care units to curtains for a playroom at a children’s home or wood for a carpentry class; from providing a school greenhouse for older students with severe learning difficulties to sponsoring individual music lessons for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

In 2004 the GLCT received The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award for Voluntary Services.

The work of the Golden Lion Children’s Trust is always expanding and diversifying. As well as working with schools, units and individual families, GLCT works with other agencies to give families support where possible. The charity runs an Education and Awareness Programme through working with schools. It works on the Moving Barriers initiative linking with Crawley BC (local sports clubs working with special needs children). Other events and activities include taking groups to watch show-jumping at the International Horse Show, Wembley & Hickstead; visiting Legoland Windsor and other theme parks; trips to Herstmonceux Science & Observatory Centre; chartering a steam train at Bluebell Railway to meet Santa Claus each December; holding an Annual Christmas party for 100 or so disadvantaged children from Crawley area; as well as popular visits to theatre and cinema, which are often followed with gifts of books so children can read (or be read to) about the topic.

The charity continues as it did in the beginning – by fund-raising locally to support children with special needs, underprivileged young people and families.

The aim of the Golden Lion Children’s Trust has always been “To Bring A Little Magic into the life of the Child with Special Needs”